2nd Off — 2600$ for Tanker Vsl 39000 DWT

20 Май

2nd Off — 2600$ for Tanker Vsl 39000 DWT (Рассмотрим кандидата без опыта на танкере но с танкерными сертификатами)

DWT: 39000
crew: mixed
contract: 6 month

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Контакты: Тел: +30930410338 Тел: +30972850120 Email: 05154vms@gmail.com adm.sea@mail.ru Skype: adm.sea1

Sallary: 2600 $

Join date: — 28.05.2015
Duration of contract: — 6
Vessel’s Type: — Chemical Tanker
DWT — 39000
Sea-going Experience — 2 contracts and more on any type of vessels in the rank
English Level — Average and higher

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  1. Good Day! I’m looking for job in Your company in rank Deck Cadet, Ordinary Seaman, also i have watchkeeping officer diploma. Best Regards!
    Safonov Mykyta +380990031477

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