24 Feb

Welcome to our website for Vacancies for seamen employment in other countries, which is designed for those who want to make their work with dignity. And we, in turn, will be happy to help you in the shortest possible time to find a job or find a position that is best for you would be. - We are recruiting department to work on ships and in other countries. (In the future, ADM SEA SERVIS)

We provide you with two sections, the menu (above), “job” and “employment”. In the job is a job for the citizens of a maritime profession, and in the employment in other countries, there are various offers of work for the citizens of other specialties.

How to use the site Vacancies for seamen employment in other countries?

You need to go to the desired section and choose the most suitable for you job or job.

Then, at the bottom of the ad, submit your application (in the comments), which is required to specify the name and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can also post reviews about the companies with which you faced in finding a job. This will help other sailors the right choice.

If you are currently a suitable offer for you do not, you can register on the site and the first to receive new job by e-mail.

Well, you are ready to find a job right now? Then click on the links below and choose a suitable position for you.

So the sailors here – vacancies for seafarers
Suhoputchiki – here you find a job in other countries

Work abroad troublesome and beginners are always a number of questions, the answers to some of them we have placed on the “Information” page

Occupation sailor multifaceted and requires continuous professional growth. Which often need to undergo retraining. The list of areas of training marine disciplines, we have provided on the page “Documents sailors